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  3. can you please match the definition to the rightthank you...

Question: can you please match the definition to the rightthank you...

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ON 6 he word on the left with the definition on the right. radius A. Pertaining to different muscles or other organs that interactto produce a common effect. retraction B. A circular muscle that closes the opening of an organ or C. Mammalian cutaneous glands that secrete oily and waxy D. Sudden loss of lift by the wings. surrounds another structure, as in the pylorum or anus. saltatorial sclerotic bones E. A bone of the forearm of tetrapods that rotates around the ulna located on the thumb side when hand is supine. sebaceous glands F. The most medial of the three auditory ossicles of mammals; hornologous to the hyomandibula of fishes and columella of nonmammalian tetraods sphincter splanchnocranium stal stapes step sternum strain G. Muscle action that moves the entire appendage of a quadruped backward H. The force per unit area that is applied to a material. 1. A joint (or type of synarthrosis) in which cartilage separates two bony elements, found between bones that ossify in the J. The portion of the cranial skeleton composed of the visceral K. A ring of bones that develops in the sclera of some vertebrates L. The distance a tetrapod moves forward by the action of one leg M. Marnmalian cutaneous glands that secrete a watery solution N. The distance a tetrapod moves forward from the placement of chondrocranium: growth can occur but only limited movement. arches and strengthens the eyeball wall and foot (eccrine sweat glands) or odoriferous materials (aprocrine sweat stride sweat glands symphysis synchondrosis Synergy glands) one foot on the ground to the next placement of the same foo equivalent to four steps in a quadriped. O. The breastbone of tetrapods. P. A clear fluid that serves as a lubricant in the movable joints Q. The deformation in a material that results from stress R. A joinit (and type of synarthrosis) between bones that permits Synovial fluid irnited movement by the deformation of the fibrocartilage between therm, adn in the pelvis usually occurse in the midline of the body S. Adapted for leaping T. The vertebrae, or the union of two or more vertebrae and ther ribs, by which the pelvis articulates with the vertebral column 12.5 points UESTİON 7

can you please match the definition to the right..thank you

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