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Can you please solve 3.13

Section 3.3 3.12 A sensor provides temperature data as 360 pV/°C.Develop a comparator circuit that 3.13 A light level is to trigger a comparator high (5 V) when the intensity reaches goes high when the temperature reaches 530C. 30 W/m2. Intensity is converted to voltage according to a transfer function of 0.04 V/(W/m2). Noise is found to contribute +1.6 W/m2 of intensity fluctua- tions. Develop a hysteresis comparator to provide the required output and immu nity for noise. Sensors are available for the system shown in Figure 3.36 that provide voltage out puts with the following transfer functions: 3.14 Flow rate: Vo 0.15V@ (@ in gal/min) Pressure: V20+ P Level: V0.05L (L in meters) 20 in psi)

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