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Question: can you solve 1 and check 2...

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can you solve #1 and check #2?
Question 1 (10 points) Saved Find the x-coordinates of any relative extrema and inflection point(s) for the function f(x). 9XV3+ X43 You must justify your answer using an analysis of f x) and f (x) (10 points) Question 2 (10 points) Saved What is the maximum volume in cubic inches of an open box to be made from a 12-inch by 16-inch piece of cardboard by cutting out squares of equal sides from the four corners and bending up the sides? Your work must include a statement of the function and its derivative. Give one decimal place in your final answer (10 points) fornpla: fix)-(16-2x12-2x)x f (x) 92-112x+12x^2 Maximum volume is flx) 156.9 in3
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