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6. The following hexadecimal numbers represent signed integers. Convert each to decimal. (2 points) Hint:conversion to binary may be helpful. a. 6AF7 b. D223 C. 9A32 d. 759B 7. What is the 8-bit binary representation of tihe following signed decimal numbers? (2 points) a. -87 b. -16 C -93 d. 31 8. What is the sum of the following signed hexadecimal numbers? (2 points) a. 6BD4 +3FE b. 1A45+8380 c. 7A4 +403 d. BA7C+321 9. Represent the following phrase in hexadecimal. Remember spaces and punctuation also have an ASCII value. (2 points) Figuring out ASCII function that receives an unsigned integer and returns its binary value. The code 10. Write a C++ should use the algorithm discussed in class for full credit. Then write a This program should prompt the user for an unsigned integer and then display the result. (12 points) program that tests you function. F8 3 4 56 7 89
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