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Question: can you talk about etihad airlines based on the point...

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Learning Outcomes On successful completion of the assignment students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the following Learning Outcome. LO2 Interpret trends, developments and new initiatives in light of strategy, management concepts and changing international role and responsibilities in the cargo industry Task Students are to complete a 2000 word document ( report or essay) FOR AN AIRPORT OR AIRLINE OF THEIR CHOICE. Task: For an airline or airport of your choice outline and interpret the following areas relating to the cargo aspect of their business: 1) Main trends 2) Main developments 3) Innovations specific to the company that you are writing about 4) Challenges faced by the company that you are writing about pertaining to cargo. This can include focus on areas such as route viability, pricing and revenue trends, the impact of technology, cargo operations facilities, Key Performance Indicators, future challenges, the threat of other transport modes and long-term viability and sustainability. You will be expected to include statistics in your work and analysis of such statistics. It is also expected that you will include diagrams. A more detailed overview will be given in the assignment overview workshops throughout the term

Can you talk about etihad airlines based on the point that is given on the picture such as
Main trends
Main development
Innovation specific to etihad airlines
Challenged faced by etihad airlines include statistics , graphs etc ..
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