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Capacity Analysis

1. The Burger Bistro You stop by your old hang out, The Burger Bistro. Mr. Davidson, the owner has heard you are taking a course on operations management and asks you to help him out. It seems a problem has emerged because of the delay in delivery of his famous sandwich, the Double Mr. Davidson states hes experiencing pressure to decrease burger preparation time in order to meet increasing demand The sequential process steps start with Delane cooking the beef patties. The grill can cook 6 beef patties at the same time. Beef patties take 1.5 minutes to cook and 1.5 minute to cool down (additional patties cant be started until cooling is complete). Delane places the cooked patties on the shelf for easy access to assembly. Note: two patties are required for each Double Decker burger Assembly of the Double Decker starts with Priyanka who takes the bottom bun, places a beef patty, salt and cheese on top of it and gives it to Alex in 20 seconds Alex places lettuce, sauce and onions on the burger in 15 seconds and passes it to Cole. Cole puts the middle bun and second beef patty, salt and cheese on; this takes another 2 seconds. Sean then adds lettuce, sauce, pickles for the second layer and hen adds the sesame seed top bun. Seans step takes 12 seconds and he passes the burger to Brian. Brian wraps the burger and places it in the chute in 6 seconds to be served to customers. · .Process steps can not start until the previous step has been completed.a. (7 points) What is the capacity of each step in the process in number of completed Double Decker burgers prepared per minute (Delane, Priyanka, Alex, Cole, Sean, Brian)? What step/ who is the bottleneck? What is the system capacity in completed Double Decker burgers / minute? Capacity Double Decker burgers /minute Process Step Delane Priyanka Alex Cole Sean Brian Svstem b. (3 points) What is the shortest possible response time that the Double Decker burger can be served to the customer? (Assume that grilling starts when the customer orders a burger, and that the entire facility is empty) C. (2 points) Do you think buying an upgraded grill that cooks patties in 2 minute, has a cooking space for 12 patties but requires no cooling time makes sense? Explain in relation to both capacity and response time (dont modify the process other than the cooking step)

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