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Carry out the requirements of the following test items. Col (30%); I. Multiple choice (30%): On the blank provided, write the letter corresponding to the best answer. 1.1 A process requires 100 kg of salt as feed input. How many kilograms of 85% salt must be fed? a) 11.8 b) 125.0 c) 85.0 d) 117.6 1.2 12% sugar solution: a) 88g water/12g sugar b) 88 kg sugar/100 kg solution c) 12 kg sugar/88 kg solution d) 88 g solution/ 12 g water 1.3 A 200-gram salt sample contains 33 grams clay. What is the purity of the sample? a) 16.5% salt b) 83.5% salt c) 8.35% clay d) 1.65% salt 1.4 A material balance that considers only the a single component of the process: a) component balance b) OMB c) key component d) process parameters 1.5. One difference between distilation and evaporation processes is that in evaporation the solute is - a) solid b) liquid c) mixture of solid and liquid d) solvent. 1.6 The notation a F2 refers to a feed #2n component a b second feed in component a c component a in feed d) component a in the 2nd feed 1.7 The exact opposite of dilution process is: a) Drying b) Evaporation c) Mixing d) Extraction 1.8. The recovery of coconut milk from coconut meat is an example ofprocess: a) Drying b) Evaporation c) Mixing d) Extraction 1.9. The process used to concentrate coconut milk with too much water. a) Drying b) Evaporation c) Mixing d) Extraction 1.10 If a low concentration salt solution is mixed with an equal weight of saturated salt solution, we can economically--a) filter the mix to get salt at the filter cake, b) evaporate the mixture to get a concentrated solution c) feed it in a dryer to get the dry salt d) separate the salt crystals by decantation. amount of solute dissolved by a solvent at a given temperature.- 1.11. Solubility refers to a) minimum b) maximum c) average d) any
1.12. Solute is the key component in multiple effect evaporation because its is constant 15 throughout. 1.13. The objective of evaporation is to get a- a) dried product b) dilute solution c) liquid waterd) 1.14 What is 120 km/hr. in miles per hour? a) 74.5 b) 62.1 c) 207.8 d) 100.0 1.15. A process has 2 feeds weighing 100 kg and 50 pounds respectively, what is the weight of its one a) percentage b) weight c) specification d) ratio concentrated solution. product? a) 122.7 kg b) 94.5 kg c) 150 lbs d) 125 lbs
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