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CASE INCIDENT 1 On the Costs of Being Nice Agreeable people tend to be kinder and more accommo- bargaining is less about creating win-win solutions and dating in social situations, which you might think could more about claiming as large a share of the pie as pos add to their success in life. However, one downside of sible. Because salary negotiations are generally distribu agreeableness is potentially lower earnings. Research has tive, agreeable individuals often negotiate lower salaries shown the answer to this and other puzzles; some of them for themselves than they might otherwise get. may surprise you. Second, agreeable individuals may choose to work in industries or occupations that earn lower salaries, such First, and perhaps most obvious, agreeable individu- als are less adept at a type tive bargaining. As we discuss in Chapter 14, distributive e of negotiation called distribu- as the caring industries of education and health care to jobs both in the Agreeable individuals are also attracted
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