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Case Study 1

Indira is an educator at a 25-place preschool licensed to care for 3–5 year old children, and which is located on the edge of a public park. 

She has been asked by the Director to carry out a routine safety check (using a safety check form) of the outdoor play environment. This includes the climbing equipment, sandpit, storage shed, gardens, trees and fences. 

Indira uses a safety checklist to assist her in this task. On the safety check form, Indira has noted sharp edges on the corner of the metal shed, some peeling paint on the climbing frames, a low-hanging branch and a loose latch on the entrance gate. 

The gardens are well maintained and the sand in the sandpit has recently been replaced. 


Answer the following questions.


Identify three (3) existing hazards that Indira finds and three (3) potential hazards that may pose a risk in the future. 

Record the identified hazards, both existing and potential, in the table below and list the action/strategies required to control the risks posed by these hazards.  

Existing and potential hazards

Action/strategies required

Choose one of the hazards that Indira identified. Using the hierarchy of risk control, identify a combination of two or more controls that could be used to address the hazard


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