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Case Study 1: Moral attitude Zahid comes back to his village after having intense training for joining a charity based welfare association to have a nice time with his only friend, Fareed, who is preparing for the civil services. Zahid is always a nice dresser and as usual he is wearing a clean white shirt with expensive pant and branded shoes. They visit to a roadside tea shop to have a cup of tea. A nine years old boy works at tea shop brings two cups of tea with biscuits to them on his master’s order. Zahid is on a phone call, unaware of his standing behind him, accidentally touches the tray carrying teacups. Hot tea spills over his white shirt and cups are broken into pieces on the ground. The owner of the shop beats the boy badly with a stick in front of all. Questions: (Each answer should be 3 to 4 lines each and carry two marks each) 1. What would be your reaction as a human being keeping yourself in Zahid’s place?

2. What are the ethical values that were absent in the owner?

3. Do u think the owner behaved in a right way? Justify your answer.

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