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Question: case study 1 while reading some funny rhymes to the...

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Case study 1

While reading some funny rhymes to the children for quiet story time, you notice that several children nod their heads along to the rhythm of the language and that several children are fidgeting.

Explain the ways you could modify or adapt the activity to follow the children’s interests and behaviour.

Case study 2

You have noticed that cleaning up and packing away at the end of the day at your service is taking longer and shelves and equipment are looking disorganised and untidy. You decide to ask the children to consider the problem and to help you come up with ways to keep the service tidy, and to take care of the materials and equipment that they use every day.

Describe how you would encourage the children to critically reflect on this problem and support them to find solutions.

Case study 3

4-year-old Binh is sitting with a ukulele that he has taken from the music activity area. You notice that he is turning the instrument around and tentatively plucking at some of the strings. Binh seems to be a bit unsure about what to do with the ukulele.

Explain how you could encourage Binh to ask questions about the instrument and to encourage him to explore the sounds he can make.

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