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Question: case study 2 niall a fouryearold boy is watching three...

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Case study 2 

Niall, a four-year-old boy, is watching three girls play with the ball and skittles in the outdoor play area. He walks up to the girls and says, ‘It’s my turn now’. Marni turns to Niall and replies ‘No, it’s still our turn!’. Niall pushes Marni and shouts, ‘Girls are stupid. Boys are better at everything. My dad says so!’ Marni falls backwards but is not injured. Niall then turns red in the face and runs off to the sandpit.


Before making any conclusions or judgements, explain the steps you would take to investigate whether this is an isolated incident or forms part of a wider pattern of behaviour.

Describe how you will discuss this incident with Niall’s family in a confidential manner.

Identify the stakeholders you would collaborate with when you are investigating this behaviour.

List 3 desirable behaviours that are age appropriate and achievable for Niall. 





Case study 3

Congratulations on your recent appointment as the new director!

Over the last three months you have become increasingly concerned about the pattern of children’s behaviour. These include:

·         Unruly Behaviour

·         An Increase in Minor accidents

·         The children not being engaged in sustained and purposeful play, for example; project work, collaborative work.

The service is committed to embedding National Quality Area 5; relationships with children.

You would like to involve others in discussions about the behaviour issues you have observed

 Outline at least 3 appropriate ways you would discuss children’s behaviour  with families that are relevant to the culture and background of the children.

The Early Years Learning Framework; Learning Outcome 2 advocates for children to become aware of fairness, to become socially responsible and show respect for the environment. 

Describe at least 3 ways, you will collaborate with children to develop guidelines for their behaviour.

Educators have noticed repeated behaviours of concern and this is impacting some of the children. 

Explain how you will support the needs and concerns of children who may be affected by the behaviour of others.


Case study 5 

You are working in a 60-place long day care service in the suburbs of a major city. The children and families at your service come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds – there are at least nine different cultural groups represented at the service. You are part of a policy review sub-committee that is currently reviewing the service’s behaviour guidance policy. 

The director has asked you to seek the feedback of families on their views about discipline and beliefs about behaviour, as part of the policy review process. 

a) In preparation for seeking feedback, list two ways you would engage with families about discipline and expectations for children’s behaviour. 

b) After gaining valuable feedback from families, describe how you would acknowledge these different views within the updated policy. 





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