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Case Study 2: Unethical practices of food industry Tasty meal is one of the largest foodservice retailer having more than 200 restaurants across country. It has more than 3000 employees including staff members, waiters and chefs. However, Tasty Meal has been criticized for  Unfair treatment with its employees by taking too many hours of working against very low wages. Tasty Meal has no difficulty in hiring its employees on low wages due to poverty and unemployment in the region. It has also been criticized for taking work from children against one time meal. The situation is even worst in under developed cities of the country.  Meals served are mostly junk food, oily, having high calorie and could cause health issues if eaten regularly.  Tasty Meal is not even environmental friendly. Using disposable stuff like wrapping paper, straws and tableware are comparatively cost effective but harmful to the environment, especially those which are non-recyclable. It has been criticized for over packaging and using extra wrapping papers. Questions: (Each answer should be 3 to 4 lines each and carry two marks each) I. Do you think treating employees in Tasty Meal is unfair? Justify. Keep the unemployment factor, poverty and economical environment in mind. II. Should Tasty Meal be accused for health issues by providing unhealthy food? (Note: Tasty Meal never sells its product forcefully. Customers have choices) III. Do you think Tasty Meal is running an ethical and socially responsible business? Why or why not?

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