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Case Study 3: Hiding true facts Zahid works in an organization as an assistant manager in the IT department and recently promoted to the designation of senior manager. Waleed, Zahid’s department head calls him to his office. Waleed shares with Zahid that the CEO has received a letter from one of the employees of the IT department. The CEO has kept the name confidential. The letter states that software installed recently does not perform well as expected and the department has not achieved the desired results. Zahid is aware of this problem by the software installed and reported to his Department Head, Waleed several times before. Waleed is in favor of that software and the only supporter and has been providing positive feedback to the CEO about its performance. Waleed asks Zahid to draft a reply to the letter that should support the system. It should say that the system is performing well with the desired results. Zahid is confused and mentally disturbed. He wants to give the true facts to the higher management about the performance of the system and does not want to hide anything. Zahid has worked very hard to get the promotion and Waleed, being a department head, supported him as well to achieve that position. If Zahid goes against Waleed then his career could be at stake. Questions: (Each answer should be 3 to 4 lines each and carry two marks each)

1. What was Zahid s ethical dilemma?

2. What should Zahid do?

3. Which of the following alternatives should Zahid choose? Why? a. Replying as Waleed requested b. Providing true facts

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