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Question: case study 3 patient history meg p is a 21...

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Case Study #3

Patient History

Meg P. is a 21 year old female college student in the honors program carrying a heavy course load. She has recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. She is 5’6” and currently weighs 155 lbs. She has been prescribed an oral hypoglycemic to help regulate blood sugar and a statin drug to help address her high blood cholesterol. She is a golfer for her college team and regularly plays or exercises first thing in the morning. She admittedly has a “sweet tooth” and regularly snacks on candy.


  1. Please discuss both positive and negative health and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to the management of Meg’s diabetes.

  1. Discuss specific dietary goals you would recommend to help Meg to control her blood sugar levels. Consider calorie intake, macronutrient distribution, Glycemic Index, nutrients she should limit or consume more of, and meal/snack timing considerations.

  1. Devise a single-day, sample eating plan in “menu format” for Meg that reflects your specific dietary goals. Include specific foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack…don’t forget to include beverage choices at each meal. Try to specify appropriate portion sizes.
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