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Question: case study 3 two 3yearold children flynn and lucy are...

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Case study 3

Two 3-year-old children Flynn and Lucy are playing with plastic dinosaurs in the sandpit. Flynn is growling with his dinosaur whilst burrowing it into a hole he has dug in the sand. Lucy’s dinosaur is ‘flying’ around Flynn and she is making ‘whoosh’ noises.

Describe how you would role-model creativity by improvising with equipment and materials to support and inspire Flynn and Lucy’s dinosaur play. Examples could be given of how you could achieve this spontaneously during their play or during follow up experiences.

how you will support their interest in Dinosaur Play, by role modeling creativity?

describe how you might implement a follow up extension experience



Case study 9

Over a period of time you have documented the range of behaviours and activities the children in your care engage in of their own choice. Your observations suggest many children favour indoor passive activities and that they are not getting enough physical play and outdoor activity. 

Outline the approach you would take to make changes to the curriculum to encourage the children’s active creative play.

what you would do, to change the curriculum to include more active creative play ideas.

What do you need to do first?

Would you discuss your observations with anyone?

Think about a collaborative process here.



Case study 1

You are responsible for ordering the art and craft supplies for a preschool that is licensed to care for forty (40) 3- to 5-year-old children. To encourage creative expression and to link with the program focus on environmental sustainability, you would like to encourage and role model conserving, re-using and recycling materials. You are considering the best way to source and use art and craft materials that encourage creativity, and that promote children’s engagement with environmentally friendly practices.     

The Materials


 Cereal Boxe

Moneybox tins

Ribbon reels

Leaves for drawing

Plastic juice bottles to make people and draw face of them

Plastic lid bottle to make thread Ables jewelries

Wooden blocks

Old clean socks to make puppets

Old Newspaper for seedling pots

yoghurt pots to make flowerpots


a)       Outline three (3) strategies for how you could support children to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for these materials.

So what 3 methods of support would you use to help children be involved in looking after the resources and being responsible for them?



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