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Case study 4

Hirini is three years old and has begun to put on more weight than is recommended for his age and height. He loves to run and play, but only for very short periods.

Outline how you would plan and provide appropriate experiences to encourage Hirini to develop his physical skills and emphasise the importance of physical fitness.





Case study 5

Eun Ae is three-and-a-half years old and you are concerned she does not participate in group activities as much as other children do. She appears bored during group activities designed to support cognitive development and can often be found with a book in her lap, contentedly turning the pages.

One morning, you are surprised to overhear Eun Ae mumbling the words of a picture book to herself ― particularly as this book is designed for older readers and you know it has never been read to her.

Describe what you would do to assess, monitor and support Eun Ae’s cognitive development. Include how you would create a learning environment with appropriate levels of challenge and support her investigation of ideas, complex concepts and thinking, reasoning and hypothesising.



Case study 7

Maggie is three-and-a half years old and enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly in natural environments. She loves watching ants, butterflies and small lizards in the outdoor areas of the centre.

During a drawing activity where the children are asked to draw something that they think is beautiful, Maggie draws a very detailed spider. One of the other children laughs at Maggie’s drawing, saying ‘Spiders are horrible! What would you draw that for?’ The other children laugh and Maggie turns her picture upside-down.

aEncourage Maggie to explore her area of interest



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