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Case study 5 

Jason is four-and-a-half years old and will be going to school in six months’ time. He has cerebral palsy and has considerable mobility issues. He is often in a significant amount of pain. 

A comprehensive individual family service plan (IFSP) was created for Jason upon his entry into your service three years ago, and staff are in frequent contact with Jason’s family, doctor and occupational therapist. Jason has lots of friends and is very familiar with the routines and environment of the child care service.

While the other children of a similar age are speaking excitedly about going to school and obviously looking forward to it, you notice that Jason does not join in these conversations. Instead, he is quiet and withdrawn whenever the topic is mentioned.


Explain how you would plan, implement and review strategies for supporting Jason in preparing for his transition to school. To help with your explanation make sure you address each of the following specific areas: 

a)     discussing your concerns with others to develop an understanding of Jason’s needs and using this information to inform your actions 

b)     developing a plan for supporting Jason to prepare for his transition to school 

c)     implementing strategies to support Jason in preparing for school 

d)     monitoring and reviewing these strategies and their effectiveness for Jason.   

(Approximately 350-500 words).

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