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Case Study


Pat has lived in the same house for the past 25 years. She knows many of the families in the area through her involvement with her own children at the school and at various sporting and social events.


Pat now works as a part-time Education Support Worker at the school and has been assigned to work with Year 5. Pat arrives early to set up a range of learning resources, as instructed by the teacher. Pat has been assigned to work with three boys, all of whom have poor reading skills. As she is setting up, a parent calls out to her – she is Pat’s neighbour, Sara.


Sara: “Hello, Pat. I heard you were working here. How’s it going?”


Pat: “Hello, Sara. Yes, I’ve been here for six weeks now and I just love it.”


Sara: “You’re working with the Walker boy aren’t you? How’s he going? I hear he has real problems.”


Pat: “Yes, he needs lots of support; he requires quite a bit of medication and chasing after. I didn’t realise I would need to change his nappies.”


Sara: “So what’s it like to work with Mr Smith? I always found him to be a bit odd.”


Pat: “Oh, he’s okay. He can be a bit stand-offish. I think he and his wife are separating, but he’s good with the students.”


Sara: “Well, I’d better get going, things to do. Nice to see you.”


Pat: “Okay. Bye Sara. I’d better get back to work and get the room ready before the bell goes.”


a)    Explain how Pat’s behaviour breached school confidentiality policy.  Refer to this policy to support your answer.


b)    Suggest how Pat could have managed this situation in an ethical manner.

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