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Question: case study research total 100 marks select one sme business...

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CASE STUDY RESEARCH                           (Total 100 Marks)


Select ONE SME business from Australia to use in your case study noting that;


SME’s (Small to medium Enterprises) are the fastest growing sector of most economies around the world.

Recent (Australian) SME growth has been in the areas of: Construction; Manufacturing; Services; Property; Retail; Wholesale


Using appropriate sources of information, you are to prepare a structured written research task, in the form of a business report or extended response. Your response must be a minimum of 1000 words.


You are to respond to the following questions:


  • Classify the business case study you have selected: what type of business is it? What is its classification? You must provide evidence from your research to explain your business classification. Who are the stakeholders for this business?

(20 marks)


  • Outline and explain the recent financial performance and the cash flow management of your selected business case study. Financial performance should relate to the overall profitability of the business, you should discuss the income statement and the balance sheet of the company if available; and the share price of the company. You can also research financial trends over time (using graphs) to help evaluate the recent financial performance of your business case study. Consider the growth and expansion of the business in recent times.

(30 marks)


  • Analyse the major current and recent sources of change (or challenges) from the business environment that has been impacting on the business. You should analyse both external and internal factors that are currently influencing the conduct and operations of your business case study.

(30 marks)


  • Discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of the management strategies used by the business in order to manage change arising from the business environment.

(20 marks)


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