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Question: cathy has just given birth to a little girl when...

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Cathy has just given birth to a little girl. When the nurse tried to feed her or bather her, the baby becomes cyanotic. Physical examination indicates no structural deformities. Blood gas levels show only 60% saturation with oxygen. What may be causing this problem 16) a) The infant has malformed digestive system b) The lungs are hyperventilating c) The lungs are hypoventilating d) The cardiovascular supply of the lungs is impaired e) The infant is bom with only one lung 17) A response of the body to the excess water is: a) Increased ADH b) Decreased ADH c) Remains same d) Renal failure e) None of the above 18) Hypenatremia causes celular a) Dehydration Hydration c) Lysis d) Osmotic diuresis e) Enlargement 19) A physiological response to hyponatremia is water movement: a) Out of the cells b) Into the cells c) Into interstitial spaces of the cells d) None of the above e) Ali of the above

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