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  1. CC Car Wash specializes in car cleaning services. The services offered by the company, the exact service time, and the resources needed for each of them are described in the following table:



Processing Time

Resource Used

A. Wash

Exterior car washing and drying

10 min

1 automated washing machine

B. Wax

Exterior car waxing

15 min

1 automated waxing machine

C. Wheel cleaning

Detailed cleaning of all wheels

6 min

1 employee

D. Interior cleaning

Detailed cleaning inside the car

20 min

2 employees

The company offers the following packages (with services performed in this order) to their customers:

  • Package 1: Includes only car wash (service A)
  • Package 2: Includes car wash and waxing (services A & B)
  • Package 3: Includes car wash, waxing, and wheel cleaning (services A, B, and C)
  • Package 4: Includes all four services (services A, B, C, and D)

Assume customers pay in advance and arrive at a constant rate of 40 customers per day. Of these customers, 50% buy Package 1, 10% buy Package 2, 25% buy Package 3, and 15% buy Package 4. The mix does not change over the course of the day. CC Car Wash operates 8 hours a day.

Given the relatively low utilization achieved, CC Car Wash decides to reduce its labor costs and have only one employee perform both service C and service D. Assume that this employee’s available time is divided equally between Service C and D (i.e. the employee cannot spend more than 4 hours a day at either station).

  1. What is the new capacity for Service C and Service D?
  2. What is the utilization for the employee?
  3. What is the bottleneck?
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