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Question: ch 16 assessment case study mr chuck rhodes is admitted...

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Ch 16 Assessment Case study Mr. Chuck Rhodes is admitted to the medical-surgical unit for unrelenting abdominal pain. Mr. Rhodes is a 37-year-old fireman. He has been intermittently vomiting for the past 2 days. His wife has accompanied him to the hospital. Mr. Rhodes has never been hospitalized. Crystal is the student nurse who has been assigned to admit Mr. Rhodes. Crystal is in her first clinical rotation. Crystal goes into Mr. Rhodes’ room, introduces herself, and explains that she will be collecting information that is needed for his admission. Mr. Rhodes is agreeable and asks Crystal to call him Chuck.

(Explain your rationale for the answers you chose 1. Crystal starts the data collection. What would she want to accomplish during the interview? (Select all that apply.)

A. Establish a caring, therapeutic relationship with Chuck and his wife.

B. Determine what Chuck’s goals and expectations are regarding hospitalization.

C. Gain insight about Chuck’s concerns and worries.

D. Determine Chuck’s medical diagnosis.

E. Obtain cues about which parts of the interview may require further investigation.

2. During the initial interview, Crystal notices that Chuck is grimacing and will not make eye contact with her. She wants to get more information. Which question is most appropriate to help Crystal in her assessment?

A. Do you hurt?

B. Do you feel like you are going to vomit?

C. How are you feeling now?

D. Do you need pain medicine?

3. Crystal is assessing Chuck using Gordon’s functional health patterns. This is an example of which approach to comprehensive assessment?

A. Structured database format

B. Problem oriented format

C. Associated format

D. Branching logic

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