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Chapter 2 In-class problems Part 2 Group assignment. Due at the end of class. The raw continuous-timing data for a process is provided. Each elem continuous basis separately and one piece is produced per cycles. T 1. ment/task is done on a he times are in is done on a minutes 4 Description Order Assemble Pay What is the average time for each element? If the performance ratings are 120% for element 1 and 95% for element 2 what is the normal time? The PFD allowance is 25%. What is the standard minute per piece for this operation? 0.01 0.06 0.11 0.16 .025 0.03 0.08 0.12 0.20 .030 0.04 0.10 0.14 .024 0.33 a. b. c. If you had an order for 200,000 units and it needed to be completed in 6 months, how d. If the hourly rate is $15.70 and the benefit rate is 22%, what is the total labor cost? 2. The results from a working sampling study of a work force are divided into 12 categories. many additional productive, non-productive and paid FTEs would be needed? This sample covers a span of 20, 8-hour days. Category No. of Observations 102 104 42 21 35 24 34 53 13 32 18 42 4 10 12 Total 500 a. b. c. What are the percentages per category? What are the expected hours per category? If 1200 pieces were manufactured during the work sampling, what is the standard time assuming 80% performance rating and 15% PFD? d. If the hourly rate is $22.50 and benefits is 22%, what is the labor cost annually?

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