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Question: chapter 3 program and development 1 fill in the blanks...

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CHAPTER 3 PROGRAM AND DEVELOPMENT 1. Fill in the blanks: (a) A sequence of instructions in order to carry out defined task is referred to as (b) Data which is predetermined before a program is used is known as (c)is the pictorial description of program logic. (d) Theanalysis of a system is vital to understand, characterize and design a system. 2. State : True or False: (a) A good program must do what it is supposed to do. (b) The code in the program must be well laid out and explained with comments. (c) Each variable type occupies same storage in RAM. (d) Flow charts are not a parts of program documentation. (e) The logic of a program flow chart should flow from top to bottom and from left to right. Detailed Questions 1. Define a program, programming and programmer 2. What do you mean by data declaration? 3. What is a flow chart? Describe its various types 4. What is the used of predefined box in a flowchart? 5. Describe the function of a connector in the flow chart 6. What are the advantages of flow charts. 7. Describe various logical constructs used in flow charts. Draw a flow chart to print prime numbers between 1 and 100. 9. Draw a flow chart to calculate amount using formula A- P(1+r/100).

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