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Chapter 4 The Accounting Cycle 227 Make a Decision Working Capital and Current Ratio MAD 4-1 Analyze and compare Amazon.com to Best Buy Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) is the largest Internet retailer in the United States. Best Buy Inc. (BBY) is a leading retailer of technology and media products in the United States. Amazon and Best Buy compete in similar markets; however, Best Buy sells through both traditional retail stores and the Internet, while Amazon sells only through the Internet. The current assets and current liabilities from recent balance sheets for both companies are provided as follows (in millions): Obj. 6 Best Buy Current assets Current liabilities Amazon $45,781 43,816 $9,886 6,925 a. Compute the working capital for each company. b. Which company has the largest working capital? CIs working capital a good measure of relative liquidity in comparing the two companies? Explain. d. Compute the current ratio for both companies. Round to one decimal place. e. Which company has the larger relative liquidity based on the current ratio?
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