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CHAPTER 6ETHICS OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND LE ADERSHIP 127 Cases 61 CITIZENS ARREST: THE LAW AND ETHICS David Chen was very frustrated by the theft of goods from his store, particularly one individuls repeated sealing Moose convenience store in Torontos Chinatown, and the thievery not only was annoying also impacted on profits. This was a problem for most retailers and is referred to as It is estimated that shoplifting costs Canadian retailers about $3.5 billion a year. About 90 percent of small independent retailers like David reported being victims of crime, and lost about $1,000 a month. Shoplifting was done by individuals and by organized crime groups posing as customers. Employees may also steal from their employers After noticing the theft on a surveillance system, David decided to pursue the individual and located him about an hour later. David and two employees caught him, tied him up, and threw him in their van. After returning to the store David called police. The shoplifter was charged, but so was David-with assault and forcible confinement. In court, the shoplifter stated that he feared for his life when arrested by David. The Criminal Code states that a property owner ... may arrest without warrant a person whom he finds committing a criminal offence on or in relation to that property. In Davids case, it was alleged that the arrest was not made within a reasonable time. The situation received extensive media coverage, especially on radio talk shows, and David became known as the vigilante grocer. Public opinion was that David should be considered a hero for capturing the shoplifter, and not punished with a criminal record. Local Members of Parliament agreed, and even Prime Minister Harper visited David at his store and expressed agreement with Davids actions. Questions 1. What are the ethical issues involved? 2. Did David do the right thing in arresting the shoplifter What rights do business owners have to protect their property? 4. What are the dangers of taking the law into your own hands, that is, becoming a vigilante? ut/Parliament/Legislative Summariesbills Jl aspanguage-E&ls c26&Parl 41&Sesm1&source David Chen, Sources: Library of Parliament Research Publication, Legislative Summary of Bull C-26: The Cliaizens Arrest and Self-Defence Act accessed Research July 13, 2012, bttp/lwww.cbc.ca/documentaries/doczone/2009/shoplifting actsbeet hrm. cearies, Fact Sheet: Shoplifting.accessed Charged in ay 3, 2012, http//www.parl gc Taking the Law into Our Own Hands, Nanional Post, April 26, 2012, A14; and Trial Begins for Citizens Arrest Case. CP24 Canadian Press Oaline, Oxctober 6,2010 prb; CBC
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