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CHAPTER 7 Selecting Human Resources HR The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval? With over half of all job candidates exaggerat processes to verify candidates. There is also a ing information on their resumes, honest can- potential disparate impact issue if pre-verified didates are trying to find a way to stand out resumes are given preference and those with and let employers know that their resumes are out them are members of a protected group. truthful. Much like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which promises customers that screen to get peace of mind of knowing that a they will receive a product as advertised, the background screen run by an employer wont pre-verified resume assures employers that a turn up anything unexpected. However, it is job candidates credentials check out Job candidates might want to conduct the not likely that offering a pre-verified résume will ob seekers can purchase verification improve an applicants chances of advancing vices from a number of third-party vendors. through the hiring process. Companies still need Background screening companies such as Em to hire individuals with all the necessary know ployment Screening Resources and TalentWise edge, skills, and abilities. The pre-werified résume offer a menu of options to users. Users can pey may demonstrate that you are honest and truth a smal fee to have details about their education, ful, but dont expect employers to show you any work history, professional licenses, or criminal preference because of the seal of approval.* history verified by these agencies. Then when they submit their resumé to the employer, it pre-werification of resumes: has already been screened and verified. Consider the following questions about the 1. Would you consider using a service to within the professional oommunity. Ema job search? Why or why not? the National Association of Professional Back- 2. If you were the HR manager for a ground Screeners and TalentWise was named all company with a liited budget, as a top provider by HRO Today what would you consider to be the pros and cons of oonsidering pre-verified resumes? Employer reactions are mixed because the quality of the screener must be established, and some companies have their own standards and Would you change the selection process for candidates who provide them?

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