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CHAPTER 9Talent, Careers, and Development 329 HR Managing expectations of both HiPo and and creating development programs tailored to non-HiPo employees can best be aocomplished their needs is not without controversy. Issues by explaining and disseminating the selection regarding the process used to identify HiPo em standards. If employees understand how the ployees, along with the process used to notify decisions about entry into HiPo programs are employees about their status, can pose ethical made, they can better reconcile their own sta- tus. Mystery surrounding the process leads coIdentifying employees as having high potential dilemmas for an organization. The assessment of potential is part science employees to question the fairness of deci- and part art. Using methods such as manager sions and suspect that the organization chooses nomination or evaluation is highly subjective. these individuals arbitrarily It is likely to result in some biased decisions about which employees will be enrolled into grams can cut both ways. However, it is nave to HiPo programs. In addition, relying on past per believe that employees will not figure out who formance evaluation ratings can lead to unfair is in the program and who isnt. Special training choices as well. Unless the performance as- and networking opportunities, job assignments, sessment process is valid and well grounded, and other obwious development practices will too much personal discretion can influence rat be offered to HiPo employees. It doesnt take ings and render them ineffective for accurately others long to determine which ist they are on. measuing employee potential. To combat some However, publicly acknowledging and identify- problems with assessing potential, organiza ing HiPos may lead to work-group dysfunction, tions are wise to adopt objective assessments envy, and other negative employee conduct. administered by qualified professionals. Disclosing the names of those in HiPo pro- Establishing valid selection criteria, assess- There is no clear best practice regarding ing potential using appropriate tools, and man- notification and public identification of HiPo em aging employee expectations all contribute to ployees. In an era in which transparency is a key a HiPo program that effectively navigates the watchword, only a small percentage of execu- ethical issues inherent in these development tives describe their companies as open a how employees are selected for admission to programs, consider the following questions: HiPo and leadership programs. seems to be driven by two factors lack of management courage and concerns about man- aging HiPo employee expectations. Some exeo- utives worry about the falout from broadcasting the criteria for selection around the organiza- tion. Further, they are ooncerned that once an 2. How can managers deal with expectations employee is told that he or she is a HiPo, expec HiPos might have regarding their career tations for promotion or special treatment l trajectory? What can be done to keep those exoeed what the organization can fulfill. bout opportunities. After reading the section on HiPo How would you suggest oommunicating programs? Should it be widely known in This secrecy 1. tenames o the organization, or shoud the list be kept un wraps

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