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Chapter Case Studies provide an opportunity to understand and apply useful course facts and concepts while exploring the chapter matorials. Chapter materials include the required textbook, chapter handouts, PowerPoints, and practice activities and their keys. Chapter case study answers are submitted u Chapter 1 Case Study Worksheet sing its Quiz on the Assessments screen. Polints 5 foot 4 inches tall and the case study quizzes count towards the final letter grade at the end of the semester 1. Sally is first year student at a local community college. She is a 19 year-old woman, stands weighs about 128 pounds. Sally is in reasonable health. Sally enjoys going out with her friends to the Sallys food choices and food acceptance when she is out with her friends b. health benefits d. social norms place. She eats whatover they order even if she is not very hungry. Which of the following is most likely determining time 2 Last night, Sally ate the following tems while out with her friends. 1 slice of cheese pizza, 2 breadsticks, 1 small side salad with dressing and a medium-sized soda. This meal contained 26 grams protein, 28 grams fat, and 143 grams of carbohydrate. How many calories did Sally consume? д. 197 calories b. 928 calories c. 788 calories d. 1,503 calories e. 1,633 calories Sally tracked a day of her food intake and saw that she had consumed about 2300 calories and about 100 gramsof fat. What percent of Sallys calories came from fat? a, About 3.4% b. C. d. e. About 2.6% About 30.1% About 17.4% About 5.8% 4. Sally is concened that she has been gaining weight for t he last several months. Her habits had changed. She rarely exercised and she had been eating at least one or two meals daily at fast food restaurants and grabbing vending machine snacks during the morming for her breakfasts. When she stepped on the scales today, she saw that she had gained 15 pounds since she weighed several months ago. Sally learned recently that there are increased risk of medical problems associated with not exercising regularly and with weight gain. Which of the following medical problems are associated? a. Some forms of heart disease b. Type 2 diabetes c. Some forms of cancer d. All of the above A and B only e. 5. Sally read that phytochemicals have disease fighting properties. Which of the following would be a sourceof a. Fresh Apple b. Whole Grain Oats c. Dark Green Broccoli d. All of the above e. Only b and c
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