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Chapter sumsming the individual elements, beat would also be based upon a statistically representative sample of observations Tise stady is a sLilled, time-consuming and expensive task An operation during the assembly of a compater consists of a number of activities These are identilied below, together with the obnened times and rates from a time study exercise. Table 4.3 cirout board in Place four bolts in bolt hole Tigheen four bokes Connect power lead 13 All times are in seconds. The time for the placing and the tigltening of the bolts is the sotal for all four. If a relaxation allowance of 10 per cent is given, what is the standard time for the whole operation? Activity sampling Time stady pronides accurate and detailed information on the time taken to carry out defined tanls, it isanmpemive process requir- ing a high level of skil1. In many eses sach detail is not required, but rather an overall impeession of how long a tak takes, or even of how time is broadly shared between differment tasls Time sudy also suffers from the disadrantage that it sequires the tal to be consistent and capable of Eairly detailed analysis I is mt appropriabe for many admin- istratine or senvice asks, which are neither predikable nor amenable to detailed anahsis
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