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CHi Prbim 1-3 Consider an organization that is composed of upper-level managers, middle- and lower level managers, and laborers. Which of the groups should have first insight that an organizational restructuring toward project management may be necessary? 1-4 How would you defend the statement that a project manager must help himsel? neproject Marde mast lpolance veween the project oroo z 1-5 Will project management work in all companies? If not, identify those companies in which project management may not be applicable and defend your answers. 1-6 In a project organization, do you think that there might be a conflict in opinions over whether the project managers or functional managers contribute to profits? 1-7 What attributes should a project manager have? Can an individual be trained to become a project manager? If a company were changing over to a project management structure, would it be better to promote and train from within or hire from the outside? 1-8 Do you think that functional managers would make good project managers? 1-9 What types of projects might be more appropriate for functional management rather than project management, and vice versa? 1-10 Do you think that there would be a shift in the relative degree of importance of the following terms in a project management environment as opposed to a traditional management

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