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Chipotle Mexican Grill was founded in 1993 by a classically trained chef, Steven Ells. The company was created, and headquarters in Denver, Colorado. They have found a way to combine fast food with a casual vibe. Chipotle prides themselves on higher quality meal options that appeal to the masses. Ells wanted to create traditional Mexican dishes that target multiple markets. They offer a variety of “build-your-own” options for their customers to enjoy. Chipotle’s primary customer market is millennials. Their focus on specialty menu items and offering fresh healthy meals based on personality type and characteristics. To understand their target market, Chipotle took time to understand the complex needs of the millennial market. They knew that to draw in the millennials they had to help their consumers understand more about their products, where they came from and how they are prepared. By showing their humanity towards the animals they appeal to the millennials softer side. This strategy has been successful with obtaining loyal customers. They even created a video and app that allows customers to learn more about how they do business different than their competitors. By focusing on the emotions of their customers Chipotle has raised the bar on how food is prepared. Another method Chipotle can use is to expand their market to females by offering smaller portions. By offering such large portions Chipotle can turn away some consumers. Having smaller portions will help draw more customers in more often.

What other methods could the Chipotle use to identify targets then what is listed in the above post?

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