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choose any Organisation to analyse the human behaviour in the organisation, as seen through Organisational Behaviour practices and principles, in order to improve organisational effectiveness, choose any four (4) of the areas provided below and analyse what is happening in your organisation in relation to those 4 areas: 1. Accepting and dealing with emotions and personality on an individual level 2. Motivation, engagement and performance improvement 3. Job satisfaction and selection 4. Employment relations 5. Dealing with large scale change 6. Organisational structure 7. Organisation culture For each of the four areas that you have selected from the list above: Identify, define and describe Organisational Behaviour practices that the organisation displays in terms of the selected area. Add data or evidence from the organisation . Critically reflect and assess to what extent the current OB practices of the organisation are serving the goals and strategy of the organisation in relation to the area selected. Based on your assessment, make substantiated and motivated recommendations as to what the organisation should do about the area that you selected. You should base your analysis on an actual organisation by providing data on the issues that you are discussing. You should also seek additional articles to substantiate the points that you are making. Write your assignment in a report format to the CEO. This is to be a professional document that you should be able to send to the CEO for consideration.

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