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Cirele your class time:18:36 11:30 1) A) Cohesive forces are not important. B) The molecules C) The molecules have no motion. D) The molecules are in a patterned (oriented) arrangement. E) The molecules are mobile and relatively close together Which of the following statements concerning molecules in the liquid state is true? contract to fit the size of the container 2) Below are given the Lewis structures of five molecules. Which one displays the LEAST hydrogen bonding? Н-С-О-Н H-F: A) B) C) D) E) 3) If one compares compound A, composed of nonpolar molecules, with compound B, composed of polar molecules, and both molecules have the same molecular formula, then it is true that: A) both compounds have the same boiling point B) A boils at a lower temperature than B C) B will not boil D) B boils at a lower temperature than A E) we have to know the structural formula to determine the differences in boiling points of A and B 4) Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing boiling point pentane (CH3Cl 12CH2CH2CH3, methyl butane (CH3CH(CH3CH2CH3), neopentane (CH3CCHh). A) pentane, methyl butane, neopentane B) neopentane, methyl butane, pentane C) neopentane, pentane, methyl butane D) pentane, neopentane, methyl butane E) methyl butane, pentane, neopentane 5) A liquid will wet a surface if A) the liquid has a lesser density than the surface B) the forces between the liquid molecules are weak C) the liquid has a low vapor pressure D) the forces between the molecules and the surface are greater than the forces between the molecules of the liquid E) The liquid has low viscosity and the surface is smooth Problem Set 1 Page I of 5 Chemistry 101, Winter 2019
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