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Question: climate worksheet fill in the blanks with the words below...

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Climate Worksheet Fill in the blanks with the words below ratmiis the condition of the air above a particular place on from place to place It and from time to time.--DYİ 6 C._ of time. is the weather particular place over a long Weather is a product of other moves the heat and water around. The amount of heat and of the suns rays and how long the sun an . One heats the earth, one wets the earth, and the each place receives depends on the -/-The becomes very hot because the suns rays hit it The are always cold because, even when the suns rays strike them, they strike at an angle. Theof air is caused mainly by heat. When air becomes warmer it become lighter, and the air cooler, the , the molecules move farther apart, the air falls. When air becomes rnove closer together, the air becomes and the air pressure . When warm air rises from a place, cool air moves in. This movement of warm and cool air is Three-au which is in constant of the earths is covered by water, . Water from the oceans to form water in the air. This collects to formm , which are around by the wind until they drop their water back onto the land or into the light angle earth climate rises shines weatherpertoa heavier blown pattern ocean water motion poles varies surfacevapor pressure equator directly wind clouds evaporates expands movement molecules -quarters sunlight expands equator Poles air
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