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CM 254: Homework #l-Plumbing Fixtures-16 Points (8 answers @ 2 pts) (Show work; partial credit cannot be given without work boing shown). WORK IN GROUPS OF TWO (2) NAMES: Facility: Urban Plains Hockey Facility (Schools Arena) in South Fargo. Use the Minnesota Plumbing Code and the International Plumbing Code links below to answer the D2L. following questions. Those reference codes are providing in 竹 Occupancy Classification of Facility: (Get this correct or all calculations below will be marked incorrect) (Use IBC Chapter 3 to get this answer) . (2 pts) Based on an average attendance for the Urban Plains Hockey Facility of 5,000 people and a 50% male and a 50% female ratio, determine the MINIMUM number of plumbing fixtures required by the code(s). To answer the questions in this assignment, use the weblinks to the International Plumbing Code 2018 and the International Building Code 2018 SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS, ROUND ANSWERS EITHER UP OR DOWN TO WHOLE NUMBERS AS REQUIRED BY THE CODE UP OTHERS DOWN Use Plumbing Code Chapter 4 to determine the answers for the remaining questions. (SOME REQUIRE ROUNDING Water Closets and Urinals . Men - Total Water Closets:c (2 P 1s 00 per 5 for 1t L 000 innl for remainder als:each (2 pts) (Use maximum number of urinals allowed - see section 424.2 for details. Remember that urinals can be substituted for WCs and therefore the actual number of WC is equal to Total WC- urinals actual number of WC.) each (2 pts) Men-Water Closets: r Closets:- ·
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