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Code this in SQL

4. Given the structure of tblPlayers and tblStats Pitching below, write a SQL query that will produce the below result. Only include players with fewer than 5.0 BB/9. Order the results from lowest BB/9 to highest BB/9. Assume that each player id only appears once in each table. Here is a head start: SELECT FROM WHERE ORDER BY tolplayers tblStats Pitchin Result Column Name Column TypeColumn Name Column Typefirst name last name bb_per_9 player id first name nvarchar(50) last name nvarchar(50) birth date int float float float float int player id era fip ob perp so per 9 1.9 2.7 3.1 3.4 4.3 George Costanza Zack Bruce Michael Lloyd Morris Wayne Knight Christmas datetime birth country nvarchar(50)

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