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Coloring and Questions for Lab 1 Name Date Worksheet Section (Circle one): M Tu W Th F Score: Coloring Total Color Plates: late 1, Anatomic Planes and Sections: median aka midsaggital (blue), saggital aka parasaggital (yellow), transverse aka horizontal aka cross (orange) Plate 2, Terms of Position & Direction: (only do the arrows on the human): superior (red), inferior (blue) lateral (yellow), medial (green), proximal (orange), distal (violet), superficial (light brown), deep (red orange). Plate 3, Systems of the Body (1): circle the bodies depicting the lymphatic system (brown) and the endocrine system (orange). Plate 4Systems of the Body (2): circle the body showing the immune/lymphoid system (green). Plate 5: color in the closed body cavities section the ventral cavity (blue) and the dorsal cavity (green) Multiple-choice/True-false/Matching 1. The anatomical term for the thumb is: a) axillary b) cervical c) pollex d) thoracic e) oral 2. The anatomical term for the forehead is: a) oral b) frontal c) buccal d) orbital e) mental 3. The carpal area is found in the upper limb: a) true b) false 4. The pateller area is proximal to the ulna: a) true b) false 5. The abdominal, pelvic, and thoracic cavities are all part of the: a) ventral body cavity b) dorsal body cavity c) vertebral canal 6. The appendix is in which quadrant? a) RUQ b) LUQ c) RLQ d) LLQ 7. Which plane divides the body into equal right and left sides? a) sagittal or parasagittal b) frontal or coronal c) horizontal or cross or transverse d) median or midsagittal 8. The radius sis to the ulna. a) proximal b) distal c) medial d) lateral e) superior ab) infericr 9. Which does not belong with the others? a) right pleural cavity b) pericardial cavity c) vertebral cavity d) left pleural cavity e) mediastinum 10. Which plane divides the brain into an anterior and posterior portion? a) frontal b) median c) sagital d) horizontal 11. The urinary bladder lies in what region? a) unbilical b) left iliac c) hypogastric d) epigastric
12. Which directional term that best describes the position of the phalanges with respect to the carpals? a) lateral b) distal c) anterior d) proximal 13. The spleen is found it the pelvic cavity. a) true b) false Match the following 14. armpit 15. thumb 16. mouth 17. cheek 18. neck a) cervical b) oral c) buccal d) axillary e) pollex Short answer (2 points each) 9. In homeostasis, what is meant by a negative feedback loop 20. Obtain three gummy bears, and cut three different sections: 1) median/midsaggital, 2) frontal/coronal, and 3) horizontal/cross. Draw the two halves that result from each cut
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