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Question: comment on the framework for decision making in business provided...

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Comment on the framework for decision making in Business provided by the text (refer to Figure 2.4) that is made up of 7 elements including duty, welfare, integrity etc. In about 300-400 words explain the framework, what you think is its critical requirement, and whether you agree with it with appropriate reasons.

A typical step-wise format to follow when creating discussion posts is as follows:

1) Explain - State the facts of the issue/case - Who, what, where, when, why (any/all that apply).

2) Position: State your position where required, provide your understanding - support your stand with sound logical reasoning and analysis

3) Illustrate and Exemplify: Support your position (2) or your explanation (1) with appropriate examples and illustrations. An illustration is more like an analogy where you can create a metaphorical/imagined situation. On the other hand, an example is real world oriented which you can back up with a particular case/source. So, if one is to illustrate the concept that ethical issues are often seen in marketing, one would illustrate this by pointing out that sometimes certain businesses use deceptive practices like jacking up prices during a crisis situation, and then give a real world example of how price gouging occurred during hurricane Sandy.  

Provide examples from the real world (researching online and citing the same carries more weight). You can also use examples from your personal experience although these will not be as effective as providing real world business examples.

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