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Question: comparing anova and the t test for an independentmeasures hypothesis...

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12. Comparing ANovA and thettest for an independent measures hypothesis test Suzanne Zeedyk, a developmental psychologist at Dundee Universitys School of Psychology, conducted a pilot study n which parents start d a hal with their infants in a parent-faong or an away-facing st and then switched to the other type of stroller midway. Her results suggest that parents talked less to the babies, the babies had higher heart rates, and they were less likely to fall asleep in awayfaong strolers than in parent-facing strollers. testing the hypothesis that babies who travel in pare You are interested acing strollers ve different ex away-facing strollers. You randomly assig parent-acting vocabularies than babi who travel newborns to strollers and to away-facing stro test the babies e Me vocabularies at a rs. You g the Express Test (EVT), which ly to hildrens expl The sample mea and sums of squares of the scores for ea of the groups are presented in e folowing table. Group Sample M Sum of Squares Away-fa 93.5 1,787.66 2,513. You decide to use an ANOVA at a here is no difference between the groups. .05 to test the n The ANOVA table folows, Cal ratio and enter e table. ANOVA Table Source o Degrees o ation Sum of Squares dom Square Between Treatments 662.70 662.70 4.31 Within Treatments 4,301.50 3.6 964.20 Use the Distributions tool that follows to find Ferial at a significance level of a 05, the value of F that bounds the oitical region for the F-ratio test statist Nurnator Deyees Freedom 25 .05 is Now evaluate the pothesis th he populati re equal. At a significanc evel of 05, the null hypothesis is You find that you conclude th the direction that the er faces influences a dhilds expressive vocabulary at 35 months Now you decide to use at test to test the hypothesis that o difference between the groups. The estimated standard error (sni -M2) is 4.5 so the t test statistic is 2.08 Use the following tool to find the critical regions for o .05, Degrees of Freedom The orticalt-scores (the values for t-scores that separate the tais from the main body of the distribution, fomi the critical regi Now use the tool to evaluate the null hypothesis. At a significance level of a .05, the null hypothesis is Val you ude that e direction the stroler faces influenc pressive vocabulary 36 mol When you evaluated the mean difference from the independent-measures study comparing only two samples, the ANOVA and the sulted

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