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complete 17,24, 32, 34, 38

In Exercises 11 to 17, write the equation of the given circle or straight line in complex number notation. For example, the circle of radius 4 centered at the point 3- 2i is given by the equation z- (3-2i)-4. 11·The circle of radius 2 centered at 4 + i. 12. The straight line through 1 and -1-i. 13. The vertical line containing -3-i. 14. The circle through 0, 2 2i, and 2 - 2i. 15. The circle through 1, i, and 0. 16. The perpendicular bisector of the line segment joining-1 2i and 1 - 2i. 17. The straight line of slope -2 through 1 - i. 18. Show that the two lines Re(az b)-0 and Re(cz d)-0 are perpendicular if and only if Re(ac)-0 19. Let p be a positive real number and let Г be the locus of points z satisfying Iz-pl-cx, z-x + iy. Show that Γ is (a) an ellipse if 0 < c < 1; (b) a parabola if c = 1; (c) a hyperbola if 1 < c < ao 20. Let z, and z2 be distinct complex numbers. Show that the locus of points tzı + (1-t)22,-oo < t < ao, describes the line through z, and Z2. The values 0S< give the line segment joining z, and zz 21. Let α be a complex number with 0 < l < 1. Show that the set of all z with (a) Iz-α! <\ 1-azl is the disc {z: Izl < 1} (b) Iz _ α1 = 11-azl is the circle {z: Izl-1) (c) I-α/> I 1-azl is the set {z: 비 > 1} (Hint: Square both sides and simplify.) 22. Let z and w be nonzero complex numbers. Show that z wzw if and only if z sw for some positive real number s. In Exercises 23 to 26, follow the technique outlined in the text to find all solutions of the given equation. 27. Suppose that n is an odd integer and w is a negative real number. Show that 28. Let a, b, and c be complex numbers with a 0. Show that the solutions of one solution of the equation -w is a negative real number. (For instance, -2 is a root of z38.) az2 + bz cOare 21,22-bt b1 - 4ac),just as they are in the case when a, b, and c are real numbers. 29. Let b and c be complex numbers. Show that the roots of the quadratic equation 22 + bz + c 0 are complex conjugates of each other if and only if the quantity b2 - 4c is real and negative, b is real, and c is positive. 30. Let A be a complex number and B a real number. Show that the equation 4B. If this is so, show 221Re(Az)B-0has a solution if and only if|A that the solution set is a circle or a single point. 31. Let C be a circle and let A and B be any two distinct points on C. Show that if P is selected on the smaller arc of C joining A to B, then the angle from the segment AP to the segment BP is independent of P. This angle is π/2 if A and B are on opposite ends of a diameter. The result remains true if smaller is

32. Let z1,..., z, be complex numbers. Show by mathematical induction that Translation and Scaling* 33. Let C be a circle or a straight line. Show that the same is true of the locus of points z + β, z C, and β a fixed complex number. 34. Let C be a circle or a straight line. Show that the same is true of the locus of points az, z ε C, and α a fixed nonzero complex number. Inversion* 35. Let L be the line y-a, a >0. Show that the locus of points 1z, z e L, is the 36. Let L be a line through the origin. Show that the locus of points 1/z, z e L, is a 37. Let C be the circlelz- e0 e.Show that the locus of points 1/z,z e C, 38 Let C be the circle Iz-rl = r, r > 0. Show that the locus of points l/z, z e c, is circle of radius 1/2a centered at -i/2a. line through the origin. What is the relationship of the slopes of the two lines? is the circle centered at c/(c22), of radius r/c2 -r2). the vertical line through 1/2r.

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