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Complete #5 only

5. Ж Solve Because the equ therefore has no *9. You are walkingto 3x+2=x+8 tion x 1 0 in two ways: with equations and with pictures of a pan balance. Relate the two methods. 6. T You asked your students to solve the equation a fork in the road ryone knows that and the other tro know which troll i one question. Wha what should you d 9x + 4-3x = 5x + 3 + x using the standard algebraic process. After work- ing for a while the students said your problem was wrong. 9.4 Solving Algebra Word Problems wit Diagrams and with Algebra CCSS Common Core State Standards Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 In this section, we will see how drawing strip diagrams can m easy to solve without using variables. But we will also connect t standard algebraic approach to formulating and solving word can even help us formulate a word problem algebraically, with steps we use in solving a problem with a strip diagram corres solve the problem algebraically by manipulating equations.

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