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Question: complete a c console program 1display a 7x7 grid on...

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Complete a C++ console program 1.Display a 7x7 grid on screen like the one shown. .The 1 must be randomly placed within its inner 5x5 grid. . The surrounding numbers 2 - 25 are visible to user immediately . The solution must be hidden but can be shown by request with a passcode COP3331. 2. User can enter a 4-digit value to place a number onto a cell. For instance, 0715 means placing 7 to the cell at the first row (row 1) and last column (column 5), and 2134 means placing 21 to the cell at the middle row (row 3) and the 2nd column from the right (column 4) 3. User can enter 0000 to reset or undo the number placed previously and this can be repeated more than once 4. Invalid input with incorrect number or row/column that violates the rules results an error message and allows to re-enter 5. Using classes and objects is NOT required, i.e., it can be a non-OO program, but the mainÇ) should contain as few statements as possible Goal:fill numbers of 2 to 25 into oal: umbes of 2 to 25 int he cells whilethe folowing to ules are sise the cells while the following two9 rules are satisfied. 19 15 1 1. Consecutive numbers must be Consecutive numbers mut be adjacent, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 13 1 13 11 102. All numbers must be placed in the corresponding row, column, or diagonal in which they appear around the border of the grid. 10Anumrs must be placed he comesponding row colum or dagonalin whichthey appe ound the border of the grid 17 18 24 23-2425 18 6 24 23 21 20 25 3 11 16 23 21 20 25 116

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