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Complete a) through f)

Probiem In order for you to present numercal results in decimal form acurate to 0,01, t ill be necessary for your intermedate calculations to be accurate to 0.001. The mean age for Kings College College students students for a recent Fall term was 31.9 Suppose that 15 Winter students were randomly selected. The mean age for the sample was 299. The sample standarevaonqal9e are interested in the true mean age for Winter Kings b. (39) C (3%) The standard error for x = d. (396) The t value for a 95% confidence interval is confidence interval for the sample mean. ill in the blanks to dlarify the following diagram. LL (lower limit) UL (upper limit)
b. (396) s- 1 (396) The standard error for d. (396) The t value fra 95% confidence interval is e. (396) Construct a 95% confidence interval fr the sample mean. Fil in the blanks to darify the following diagram. LL (lower limit) UL (upper limit) L.E UL f. (3%) Is the mean age for the Fall term within our 95% confidence interval for the mean age for the winter term~, tpick one) NO
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