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PROBLEM 2.3: Consider the functions (t) 3e2-3u(t 3) - u(t 5)] and (t u(-1)-u(t 7). (a) To get your mind thinking in convolutionland, draw three different plots with on the horizontal axis (i) On the first graph, plot x(T). (Dont worry about getting the decay rate in your sketch exactly right; these sketches are just meant to aid your understanding.) (i) On the second graph, plot h() (iii) On the third graph, plot h(3-T). This should look like your plot in ), just shifted to the right. (b) Use graphical convolution to compute the convolution y(t)r(t) h(t); let h(t) be the signal that you flip and shift. Your answer will consist of five different cases. Although there may not always be a way to express the answer that is obviously the simplest, simplify your answer as much as you can

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