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Computer Science II – functions calling Functions I have given you a program named FuncCallingFunc.cpp This program has main() and eight functions 1. float areaCircle(float radiusIn); 2. float circumCircle(float radiusIn); 3. float areaSphere(float radiusIn); 4. float circumSphere(float radiusIn); 5. float volumeSphere(float radiusIn); 6. float areaCylinder(float radiusIn, float heightIn); 7. float volumeCylinder(float radiusIn, float heightIn); 8. float volumeCone(float radiusIn, float heightIn); The challenge of this assignment is to reduce some redundant code by allowing functions to call other functions Example 1. the function areaCircle(float) calculates the area of a given circle using the equation area = PI * radius * radius 2. the function areaCylinder(float, float) calculates the surface area of a given cylinder using the equation area = 2 * PI * radius * radius + height * PI * radius * 2 By calling the function areaCircle(float) and circumCircle(float) the above equation can be shortened to area = 2 * areaCircle(radius) + height * circumCircle( radius); You just have to change the code in some functions to call other functions

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