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CONCEPT APPLICATION Instructions Read The Jogser, and, applying your knew knowledge, complete the Analysis section. Supply appropriate terms to correctly complete the thought of each statement. Write Analysis section below. Be sure that the number of the blank in the key matches the number of the blank in the analysis The Jogger Phillip, in response to the alarm, rolled sleepily in the direction of his nightstand. He switched on mp, depressed the alarm button, tightened the musculature of his body for a moment, and then relaxed the index and middle finger of his right hand, he palpated his left radial pulse. Then, the la with a groan. Using t staring at the clock for a few moments he muttered the words forty-seven. completed his bathroom activities, donned before-breakfast run. As the young man opened the response, he shivered, pulled his sock cap down over his ears, and rubbed his hands vigorously fter a few more moments of contemplating the days activities, Phil bounded from the bed, his running gear, and headed for the door to begin his front door, a cold blast of arctic air greeted him. In Phil walked briskly for a few minutes and then gradually began to increase his rate of speed. At the end of one mile, he checked his heart rate at 170 beats per minute. After checking his pulse, he turned back toward home continuing the rapid pace. For the last quarter mile he gradually decreased his speed. A block away from his house he slowed to a walk. Upon reaching home, he measured his pulse at a rate of 85. Phil has a brother, William, and a sister, Mary. William does very little exercise. Upon arising each morning his pulse rate is around 70. Mary, their sister, is as active as Phil; but her early-morning pulse rate is about 60. All three are apparently in good health. Analysis Upon awakening, Philips pulse rate was_1 and his cardiac cycle length was_2 seconds. As he encountered the cold blast of air, impulses from the lateral gray horns of the thoracolumbar outflow traveled to the 3_ and 4 nodes of the heart, causing it to beat 5 This action was augmented by the action of 6 and 7 from the adrenal 8 The increased heart activity provided more 9 with nutrients to the shivering 10 As Philip increased his speed, more 11_impulses and more secretion by the adrenal 12 occurred. This caused the 13 to further increase. At the end of one-mile Phils cardiac cycle length was 14 seconds. At this point the _15 phase of the cardiac cycle was nil. He gradually decreased his speed as he neared home. When he reached home, his cardiac cycle was 16 seconds. If you make the assumption that Phil and William are very similar genetically, then you might conclude that the difference in their resting heart rates is a result of 17 conditioning. Marys higher resting pulse rate may be a 18 difference mediated by the endocrine system
Key to Analysis 13. 14. 15. 16. 7. 2. 3, 10. 17 18. 5. 6. 12. Suggested Enrichment Aetivity Read the following multiple choice questions based on The Jogger, and on facts and concepts presented in the guide and textbook. Compose additional multiple-choice questions based on the story and its relationship to the chapter 1. When Phil awoke and checked his pulse rate, the length of his cardiac cycle in seconds, was approximately: A. 0.80. B. 1.28. C. 0.78. D. 1.00. E none ofthe above. 2. If, upon awaking, his hearts stroke volume was 70 ml, Phils cardiac output (CO) was: A. 89.50 liters/min. B. 1.49 liters/min. C. 3.29 liters/min. D. 5.04 liters/min. E. none of the above.
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