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Concepts Quiz 1 Name About 25 of the 92 naturally occurring elements are known to be essential to life. four elements make up approximately 96% of living matter? 1. Which A water sample from a hot thermal vent contained a single-celled organism that lackeda nucleus. What domain does it most likely belong to? 2. 3. A rose bush is classified into Domain and Kingdom . 4. Science that cannot be tested or is not biologically possible, such as the statement dogs can give birth to kittens is an example of what type of science? 5. Berylliums atomic mass is 9 and its atomic number is 4. How many neutrons are found in a beryllium atom? 6. An isotope of beryllium would have how many protons? (refer to question 5) 7. The kingdom of Eukarya consisting primarily of unicellular (single celled) organisms that live in aquatic (water) environments is called? (circle the correct answer) a. Monera b. Protista c. Fungi d. Plantae e. Anamalia 8. Two garden plots, A and B, were planted with com. Both received equal water and sunlight. Plot A received fertilizer and plot B did not. The experimenters measured the yield of each plot in bushels of com. The plot that did not receive the fertilizer, Plot B, was what part of the experiment? 9. Is H:O an example of a(n) element or compound?
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