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Consider a device which has a square cross section x W and thickness L, and thermal conductivity of kd. Under working conditions, the device has a uniform volumetric heat generation rate g. Its right surface is exposed to the ambient air at T with a convection coefficient h, while the other five surfaces can be considered as insulated. To help cool the device, a 2 by 2 array of long pin fins (4 fins in total) with thermal conductivity ky are bonded to the surface. The contact resistance Rte, between surface of the device and the fin base resulted from the bonding process cannot be neglected. The diameter of the fins is D, The surface temperature of the device is measured (using infrared camera) to be T. Values of the parameters are given below. W= 0.1 [m] To = 25 [℃] L = 0.05 [m] T 80 [C] D = 0.02 [m] kd-20 [WinK] h = 100 [W/mK] kf= 400 [W/mK] h, T Perspective View Front View FigureI (a) Calculate the volumetric heat generation rate q in the device, in W/nm (b) Determine the highest temperature in the device, in °C (c) Calculate the fin effectiveness of a single fin in this application. Note: Consider the contact resistance.

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